DGNiT is an adept web/mobile application development company which is specialized in developing HTML5 compatible iPhone and iPad applications. We also utilize CSS3 web design in developing style sheets for presentations of documents written in different markup languages. Our HTML5 developers have excellent knowledge of integrating HTML5 and CSS3 to give a new look to the website. If you wish:

We love to help businesses utilize these fresh technologies to gain a competitive edge for their business. Contact us today about how we can put HTML5 and CSS3 to work for you today.

  • Making your website Mobile Friendly
  • To transform your iPhone and iPad applications to HTML5
  • Simplifying your user interface
  • To create a new application using HTML5
  • To design attractive CSS3 website
  • Enhancing your visual design
  • Is tailored to your specific business needs
  • Truly aligns with your overall marketing objectives
  • Will improve the visitor experience on your website
  • Moves website visitors through your desired objectives

We specialize in advanced web solutions including html5 and css3, website conversion in html5 and css3, User interface designing, We work closely with our clients to help them achieve their goals whether it is generating more leads, increasing sales or a better look and feel of their company. Apart from being usability focused, every website we design is W3C validated, fast loading and perfectly functional.

Our design staff is experienced in developing website user interfaces that are visitor friendly and easy to use. Just look at our web design portfolio and see for yourself.

We believe that websites are only as effective as the web design strategy and planning that goes into them. There are no website planning tools like this for creating the clearest picture of where you are and where you want to go on your website. With the help of CSS3 website layout, designers can control web designing process and create engaging user interface by making the pages attractive. CSS3 website layout is designed to facilitate web pages with presentations. CSS3 website templates help the developers in depicting an HTML element in 2D and 3D transformations like rotation, scaling, and translations.